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How to Pick the Perfect Cottage for Your UK Holiday

Last updated on August 8, 2023

Whether you’re looking for a short break, a mid-week stay or a longer staycation in the UK, you’ll need to find the perfect cottage for your holiday. The quality of your accommodation can make or break your trip, so how can you ensure you’ve chosen the most suitable holiday cottage?

Start with Your Budget

It goes without saying that budget will form a large part of your cottage-booking decision-making. When you’re searching online, remember to include your maximum budget. You’ll find that the price of cottage accommodation can vary significantly throughout the holiday season, with school holidays typically being more expensive than term-time for example.

Location, Location, Location

What are you hoping to enjoy on your holiday? Do you want to explore the UK’s best seaside towns and villages, or are you in need of an isolated hilly location? Do you prefer the bustle of a town or are you longing for an uninterrupted break surrounded by nature? You might want to narrow down your search by being based in a specific county or perhaps within a national park.

Pet-friendly Accommodation

If you’re planning on taking your family pet with you, then this may narrow down the number of cottages available in your area. Many holiday cottages in Suffolk are happy to accept dogs due to the breath-taking scenery in the area which is ideal for hiking with your pup. You may find cottages nearer to city centres are less likely to welcome pets so make sure you check this before booking.

Cottage Features

Cottage booking systems often allow you to narrow down your choice for accommodation based on various criteria including how many guests are staying and the specific features you might be interested in. If you would like a cottage with a pool or hot tub, games room or have accessibility requirements then these can all be searched for, so you have exactly the amenities you require during your stay.

Dining Options

Self-catering cottages allow you to be versatile with how you dine. If you’re happy preparing and cooking all your meals, then this style of accommodation allows you to do just that. But if you prefer the luxury of being catered for on holiday, then you can also order takeaways or visit pubs and restaurants in the local area. If this is your preference, then be sure to do your research before you book to check that there are quality establishments in your local area. If you’d prefer to be able to walk back to your cottage from the pub, then check that this is possible before you book. Visiting at a busy time of year? It might even be worth making a few table reservations in advance.

How Long Do You Plan on Staying? 

Some property managers for cottages will only allow a certain length of stay, such as a minimum of one week, for instance. Plus, there’s the whole pricing thing that needs to be put into account as well. On top of that, how long will you be able to stay? If you’re not from the UK, you’ll need to ensure that you meet visa requirements, so websites like could help you out.  But overall, just be sure to keep the duration in mind before you book anything; better yet, it might help to go ahead and get your paperwork sorted in advance.

Book Early to Avoid Disappointment

Remember that due to the individual nature of cottage accommodation, there’s limited availability and they do get booked up quickly. If you have your heart set on a specific holiday cottage for your next staycation, then book soon to avoid disappointment.


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