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Food Lovers Company Barcelona Food Tour ~ Nibble Your Way Through the Old Town

Last updated on April 14, 2018

Whether you’re in Barcelona with friends, a loved one or alone, the Food Lovers Company food tour presents the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded travellers whilst eating all the right dishes at all the right places in Barcelona’s best neighbourhoods.

Me and my new friends talking about Barcelona, food and wine...
Me and my new friends talking about Barcelona, food and wine…

As a food focussed traveller myself, I fully understand how difficult it can be to have an authentic gastro experience when you’re in a new city for the the first time.

Where to eat is an obvious dilemma, but what to eat is equally problematic. And don’t get me started on what to eat where!

Apart from scouring my blog, I highly recommend joining a food tour, especially if you’re short on time. There are lots of tours to choose from, so your decision should be based on the neighbourhoods you want to explore and the type of food (sorry to state the obvious) you want to eat.

Fresher-than-fresh fish and classic Catalan tapas in the old fisherman's quarter
Fresher-than-fresh squid and classic Catalan tapas in the old fisherman’s quarter

Nuria and Margherita from Food Lovers Company offer an excellent introduction to classic Catalan cuisine and the route will take you through some of the most beautiful and picturesque backstreets of Barcelona’s old town.

And, most importantly, they’ll make sure you get to eat all the right dishes in all the right places, which is key to eating well in Spain because most little tapas bars and restaurants will have speciality dishes and it’s not always so clear what they are.

Connecting with Catalunya and the Fruits of the Mediterranean

Eating gambas / prawns on the Barcelona Food Lovers Food Tour in Barceloneta - by Ben Holbrook
Eating gambas (prawns) on the Barcelona Food Lovers Company Food Tour in Barceloneta.

Starting in the old fisherman’s quarter, which is probably my favourite place to “tapear” – hop from tapas bar to tapas bar – our tour started with classic Catalan fish tapas and vermouth. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this!

By the time I’d finished my first glass I was fully acquainted with my fellow food tourers, which included an American couple who had come ashore from their cruise holiday for a couple of days, and two other solo travellers, also from the USA, who were in Europe for the first time.

Eating Seafood Eating on the Barcelona Food Lovers Food Tour in Barceloneta - by Ben Holbrook“It’s all about the base product,” explained our guide Nuria. “If the fish is good, if it’s fresh, then you don’t want to lose the flavour by cooking it with lots of other ingredients in a complicated recipe. In Spain, we want to taste each flavour…”

And this was evident in the grilled squid, served simply with a little olive oil, parsley and lemon juice, and the succulent artichoke hearts and spicy tostadas slathered in alioli.

Trust me, you’ve never tasted garlic that tastes so much like… well, garlic!

David, one of my new friends from the tour, getting his picture taking with the chef
David, one of my new friends from the tour, getting his picture taken with the chef

Strolling into the Gothic Quarter

With the vermouth pumping through our veins and garlic on our breathe, we followed Nuria over to the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, talking all the while about the city’s various areas.

Barcelona Food Lovers Company Food Tour in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter
Tapas and vino at one of my all-time favourite tapas bars in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

Squeezing into another tiny little bar, Nuria gave the nod to the barman. We said cheers again whilst enjoying anchovies and wine and good conversation.

Into the BornLa fiesta was in full swing by now and we were all chatting like old friends as we toured the streets from the Gothic Quarter to El Born, stopping to take photos of the remains of the old city walls.

Strolling through the ancient streets of Born, Barcelona
Strolling through the ancient streets of Born ~ The remains of the city’s ramparts

We saw one the old markets, stopped for a quick platter of local cheeses from a cheese shop that Nuria added to the tour because she used to live next door. I had a blue cheese ice-cream, which was refined and sweet and way more enjoyable than you might imagine.

Yet more tapas followed at one of my very favourite tapas bars in Barcelona. It’s the kind of place you can just ask the waiters for recommendations and everything that they suggest is somehow exactly what you were hoping for. And the wine… oh, the wine!

Drinking Spanish wine at Bar del Pla on the Barcelona Food Lovers Company Food Tour in Barceloneta.
Spanish wine tasting / happy place.

We finished the tour with horchata and ice creams and a spontaneous history lesson form Nuria at Born’s important Cultural Centre. We exchanged numbers and parted ways, a sense of warmth and satisfaction flowing through me.

Make it Happen

Book the tour. Explore more of Barcelona’s historic areas. Eat authentic Spanish and Catalan cuisine in the right places without getting ripped off. Make new friends. Drink local wine. Connect.

Price Per Person: €130
Number of Foodie Stops:
Tour Length: Around 4 hours
More Info:

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