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Emigrating to Singapore: Things That Might Surprise You Once You Move

Otherwise known as ‘Garden City’ or ‘Lion City’, Singapore is home to an estimated 6,177,793 people as of January 2023, ranking it at number one-hundred and fourteen on the list of the most densely populated countries of all time. But what makes people want to live in Singapore? With its reasonable cost of living, rich culture, evolving business world, and ripe opportunities, you can see why Garden City appeals to residents and ex-pats alike. 

However, all this we already know about Singapore, what about the things you might not know about this fascinating country? When you move to a new country, you have the chance to discover everything for the first time, and it is always fun to learn a little more about the area you have come to live in. 

For instance, did you know that Singapore is not just home to one island but sixty-four? Or that the city features a selection of artificial waterfalls? Or that it is one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world? We bet you didn’t. Continue reading to discover several more facts about Singapore that might surprise you. 

The Cost Of Living Is Reasonably High

Since Singapore frequently appears on lists of the most expensive countries, it might not be shocking to learn that the cost of living is reasonably high whether you’re looking at housing, groceries, leisure etc. Due to this, it is worth calculating your moving budget depending on the cost of living for the district you intend to move to, so you’ll have a rough idea of what you can afford. 

You can find information like this using websites like Quora, Numbeo, and even specific social media sites; however, if you want the most realistic idea of what you can afford (especially in the property market), you’d be best seeking the services of property advisors like PropertyGuru. From helping you with home loan comparison to advising you about investments, consider visiting their website or speaking to a team member directly to see how they could help make your move to Singapore easier. 

There Is Lots To Explore 

If you’re adventurous, you’ll never have to worry about finding your next adventure again while living in Singapore. Regardless of which district you end up settling in, there are hundreds of surrounding neighbourhoods that you can explore in your free time with your partner or a friend. From regular haunts like Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Gelam to undiscovered gems, there are tons of unique little neighbourhoods for you to explore. 

Plus, in these neighbourhoods, you can find a selection of cafes, restaurants, bars, and little shops where you can take respite in or poke around. Depending on which neighbourhood you wind up exploring, you might find yourself sampling some of the unique offerings at a food stall or admiring the colourful shophouses that line the street. 

There Is Always Something To Do

No matter which district you settle down in, there is always something to do in Garden City, so you’ll never be bored! Whether you’d like to attend one of the many celebrations thrown in the city centre, participate in an activity like rollerblading, canoeing, etc., attend a sporting event, or browse the art at an expo, Singapore has something for all personality types. 

Notably, the annual HSBC World Rugby Singapore Sevens is hosted at the Singapore Sports Hub, which is also used to host various recreational events like concerts, expos, events and much more. Or, if sports isn’t your scene, you could consider attending one of Singapore’s many pop-up festivals that add to the country’s bustling reputation. Either way, you’ll never not be able to find something to do! 

The City May Have Been Inspired By A Tiger, Not A Lion

Despite being given the nickname ‘Lion City’, Singapore may have been inspired by a tiger, not a lion. Even with limited knowledge about the city, you’ve probably heard of the country’s iconic mascot, the Merlion. As the name suggests, a MerLion is a mythical creature commonly depicted with a lion’s upper body and a fish’s lower body, earning its name. 

The mascot was inspired by Singapore’s old name ‘Singapura’, which translates into ‘Lion City’, whose origins date back to the fourteenth century when prince Sang Nila Utama ruled. 

The lion was rumoured to be a tiger because the prince supposedly spotted one while out with his hunting party, but lions hadn’t been sighted in Singapore during this time. In contrast, tigers, on the other hand, had been recorded in the country circa the 1930s. 

It’s A Very Green City

Despite being renowned for massive skyscrapers, Singapore is blanketed in over seven-hundred square kilometres of greenery. With various parks and public gardens, Singapore is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, despite its concrete jungle-like appearance. From staying at hotels like PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, renowned for its beautiful green areas, to exploring one of the many nature reserves Singapore has to offer, the city has greenness at its roots. 


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