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Drive Me Barcelona Ferrari Supercar Experience ~ Tour Barcelona Like a Billionaire

Last updated on May 8, 2019

Experience Barcelona from behind the wheel of a red-blooded supercar.

Drive Me Barcelona Ferrari Experience
Me trying to act cool but actually feeling a little bit terrified before getting in.

Drive Me Barcelona is a luxury lifestyle company based at the ultra-exclusive One Ocean Club in Port Vell Barcelona. With their help you can see the best of Barcelona whilst experiencing what it’s like to drive a high-end supercar.

Choose from the blistering Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren MP4 or Porsche 911 and feel what it’s like to tear through the city like a billionaire.

Guided experiences range from a 20 minute joyride of Barceloneta and high-octane jaunt around the old F1 racing circuit to a half-day, chicane-filled tour through the mountain roads of Montserrat.

It’s only natural to feel a bit jittery whilst sitting behind the wheel of a €250k sports car, but your guide/instructor will make sure you have nothing to worry about other than enjoying the ride.

Barcelona's old F1 Race Circuit in a Ferrari California Roof down. Sunnies on. It’s time to make some dreams come true.

Book your supercar tour of Barcelona now or read on to hear about my personal experience.

The “Actually I’m a bit nervous” Moment

Yes, of course I was excited about driving a Ferrari, but when you get up close and personal, when you can actually smell how expensive they are, you can’t help but feel a little bit nervous. But then Jaime, my instructor and guide for the drive, helped me buckle up my seatbelt and showed me how to start the engine — “key in and then push this button” — and, strangely, I was instantly filled with confidence.

ferrari california t red in Barcelona key
Unlocking my childhood dreams.

I owe this confidence to Jaime, I must add, because he’s one of those people that has a natural and constant zen-like aura about him. Even the tone of his voice made me relax.

Driving through the city was not as stressful as I imagined and he guided be across roundabouts and through the traffic whilst delivering an informative guide of the city sights. “That’s the Columbus monument. You can see he’s pointing out to sea, to the New World.”

I pulled out into the traffic. No gear changing needed as Jaime had put it in automatic mode for me.

The “Most dangerous corner of the old F1 race circuit” Moment

Driving around Montjuic F1 race circuit in a Ferrari in Barcelona
Tearing up Barcelona’s old F1 race circuit

It didn’t take long for me to get used to the power and I was soon tickling the throttle enough to make it purr. Calm as marbles, Jaime pointed out the red and white rumble strips that sparkled in the sun. “This was the part of the old F1 circuit, they would come down here and then hit very high speeds around this corner. It was the most dangerous corner of the track and a few drivers died here.”

But then they didn’t have traction control and Ferrari’s modern technology.

The “Don’t be scared” Moment

After a quick lap, Jaime sensed my confidence growing, the sounds of which were made audible by the snarl and spit and growl as my right foot applied more and more pressure on the pedal. On a long straight that ran up alongside Montjuic, he suggested I pull over for a second.

“From here you can test the 0 – 60 power,” he instructed calmly.

Nice little Sunday drive this morning. #460bhp #Ferrari

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I looked behind and was greeted by the view of a car thundering up the road behind us. I was going to wait for it to pass, but Jaime had other ideas.

“Don’t be scared,” he whispered, like a Jedi at my side. My foot fell hard and we rocketed up to unknown speeds, pinned into the leather-clad bucket seats, effortlessly leaving the moving car behind us.

The power felt limitless, unrestrained, insatiable. And I wanted more.

The noise was what I craved more then anything else, and it echoed through the streets like a snarling beast.

The “Let’s stop here for a minute and take in the views” Moment

ferrari california t interior
Me and Jaime, who kept me calm and on the road.

As the adrenalin kicked in, I realised how sharp and aware I had become, that I was able to sense the car’s every move and twitch. We pulled over at the beautiful Miramar Hotel to soak up the views across the city, but although the city looked blissful, its terracotta skyline glistening in the mid-day sun, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the car. It was the stuff of my childhood dreams, of my current day dreams, and here I was, with the key in my hand.

The “Now I’m feeling confident and don’t want to stop” Moment

ferrari california t interior
My heart races just looking at it…

The “I need a drink” Moment

Pulling back into the Drive Me Barcelona HQ, I felt like James Bond as the crowd opened up to let me through, rubber necking with the assumption I might have been “someone”. When I begrudgingly stepped out of the car, I was physically shaking with adrenalin and the fact that I had successfully driven (and not crashed) a brand new Ferrari through the streets of Barcelona gave me a sense of pride and satisfaction. This is living! I thought.

It also gave me one hell of a thirst and all I could think about was sinking a few pints of good beer. Luckily BlackLab Brewhouse is just around the corner, so I popped in a calmed my nerves with a couple of cold ones and bowl of guac’ and nachos – the perfect place to recollect yourself after such an experience.

Reasons you really should consider a Drive Me Barcelona Experience

  • Because who doesn’t want to drive a €250k super car at least once in their life?
  • Because what better city to explore in a Ferrari than Barcelona?
  • Because it’s actually a pretty good way to see the city. Seriously. With the roof down and wind in my hair, I felt really connected with the city and the sights that we saw. And Jaime, like the other instructors I’m sure, is an excellent ambassador for his home town.
  • Because whether you’re a petrol head or not, this is an experience that’s impossible not to enjoy.
  • Because there is actually room for one or two people to sit in the back, so it’s a fun couple’s activity.
  • Because… 460 bhp! Four. Hundred. And. Sixty. Brake. Horse. Power!

Make it Happen

Choose and book one of the driving experiences on the official Drive Me website. Prices start at €88 for a 20 minute joyride – I did the “Montjuic and Old Urban F1 Circuit Tour”, which costs €169.

You can also speak to them in person at their HQ at One Ocean Club in Port Vell.

Address: Moll de la Barceloneta, 1 08003
Hours: Monday to Sunday – 10h to 22h
Phone: +34 661 64 07 40

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