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Do You Need Travel Insurance When Travelling to Spain?

You may wonder if it’s necessary to take out travel insurance when visiting Spain, and the answer is yes! 

Travel insurance is crucial as it protects you in case of an accident or illness, and also provides you with financial security and overall peace of mind. 

What is Travel Insurance? 

It is a kind of health insurance that is intended to cover all possible medical emergencies during your time in Spain. Most of these policies typically cover many different scenarios, including delayed departures, failure of a scheduled flight, an abandonment of trip, cancellation or cutting short of a trip, accommodation cover, accident and liability, legal costs, loss of luggage, personal belongings, money or passport.

How to Get the Cheapest Travel Insurance

Be sure to compare the cost and cover of travel insurance offered by different companies. This will enable you to go for the cheapest insurance cover possible. But there is some good news: when travelling in Spain, it is not necessary to get worldwide insurance cover. This applies to those travelling to other European nations.

Do You Need Worldwide Insurance Cover?

Worldwide insurance is generally more expensive than just European cover. This is because medical care in countries like the USA and Singapore is typically higher, which also makes the cost of worldwide cover higher. To get comprehensive insurance for travel in Spain, you only need European travel insurance. This is generally much cheaper than what travellers pay for worldwide cover

Single Trip or Multi-trip Travel Insurance?

It is essential to decide whether you would prefer single trip insurance or yearly cover for multi-trips. Most people who want to go on just one or two smaller holidays in a year are advised to take out single trip cover. However, if in the next 12 months you are planning to take more trips, it would be wise to take out multi-trip annual insurance cover. This is generally more cost-effective.

What are Medical Standards Like in Spain?

Medical facilities and standards in Spain are arguably among the best in the world. The health system is classified into private and public healthcare. Those who are contributors to the social security plan, including expatriates who work, are usually cared for at public healthcare centres. Students and retirees should talk to a qualified professional for counsel on the best type of travel insurance that would suit their needs. 

In Spain, it is the right of every person to access emergency medical services. This right is accessible whether one can pay for the services or not. It is wise for expatriates, retirees, and students to purchase an insurance cover that insulates them from mishaps that may not be covered by the public emergency medical services. In Spain you can buy most medicine over the counter at pharmacies and stores. These are easily accessible in large cities. 


Buying travel insurance while holidaying in Spain is most definitely wise. Find out more about similar tips from authoritative sources on the best travel insurance for anyone travelling to this beautiful, sunny European nation.

Visit the Avanti Travel Insurance website to find out more about travel trends and getting travel insurance for your trip to Spain.

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