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Careers You Can Start and Continue While Travelling

In today’s interconnected world, the idea of starting a career while travelling has become an enticing and attainable reality for many. 

With the rise of remote working and digital entrepreneurship, individuals now have the opportunity to combine their passion for exploration with their professional aspirations. 

The appeal of breaking free from the constraints of a traditional office and embracing a location-independent lifestyle has sparked a wave of all sorts of nomadic professionals who are creating fulfilling careers while traversing the world. 

By leveraging technology, networking, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, the dream of starting a career while travelling has transformed into an exciting and viable option for those seeking a life filled with both adventure and professional fulfilment.

Travel Blogger

As one of the most popular remote careers for travellers, becoming a travel blogger offers the opportunity to combine a passion for exploration with creative expression. Through captivating storytelling, stunning photography, and engaging content, travel bloggers have the ability to inspire and educate their readers while sharing their adventures from around the world. 

After grafting to earn a dedicated following via social platforms and smart SEO, travel bloggers can monetize their platforms through various income streams, including sponsored content, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, advertising, and even selling their own products or services. 

While the earnings of travel bloggers can vary greatly depending on factors such as audience size, engagement, niche, and monetization strategies, successful travel bloggers have the potential to earn a sustainable income that can support their travels and provide a comfortable lifestyle for the long term. 

However, this is easier said than done, the best of the best travel bloggers are unique in their craft, and work tirelessly to keep their blog updated and with innovation behind their strategies to keep them ahead of their competitors. 


Copywriting, as a remote career, offers a world of opportunities for those with a knack for good wording and a natural grammar nazi. As a copywriter, you can create compelling and persuasive content for a wide range of clients, including businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs, all from the comfort of your chosen travel destination. 

From crafting engaging website copy and captivating social media posts to writing persuasive sales emails and informative blog articles, copywriters play a crucial role in helping businesses communicate effectively with their target audience. 

The earning potential in copywriting can be significant, especially for the more experienced professionals in the game. Copywriters often charge per project or on an hourly or retainer basis, allowing them to set their own rates based on their expertise and the value they bring to their clients. 

While earnings can vary depending on factors such as niche, experience, and client base, successful copywriters have the potential to earn a comfortable income that can support their travel lifestyle and provide financial stability. 

The very best paid copywriters are experienced, able to easily understand briefs, and have some personality that separates them from the rest. 

Online Tutor

Online tutoring has emerged as a popular and rewarding remote career option, allowing individuals to share their knowledge and expertise with students worldwide while exploring the world in their spare time. 

As an online tutor, you can offer personalised and interactive learning experiences in a variety of subjects or skills through video conferencing platforms and online learning platforms. With the convenience and accessibility of online tutoring, you can connect with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds, fostering a global educational community. 

In terms of potential earnings, online tutoring can be financially rewarding, especially in high-demand subjects or specialised areas. Tutors can charge hourly rates or package their services based on the number of sessions or duration. 

Online tutors can work on a freelance basis or with another company, earnings dependant on the type of tutoring and level of experience. 

Travel Photographer

Chasing a career in travel photography opens up a world of creative possibilities while exploring captivating destinations. 

As a travel photographer, you have the privilege of capturing the beauty of landscapes, cultures, and people, bringing them to life through your lens. With the power of social media and paid photo sharing platforms, you can share your stunning visuals with a global audience, inspiring and captivating viewers around the world, and make money while doing so. 

The potential earnings in travel photography can vary significantly, depending on factors such as the quality of your work, your ability to market yourself effectively, and the way you capitalise from your images.

Income can come from various sources, including selling prints, licensing your photographs to magazines or stock photo agencies, collaborating with tourism boards or brands, or offering photography workshops or tours. Building a strong portfolio, developing your unique style, and establishing a strong online presence are essential for attracting clients and generating revenue. 

Voice Over

Voice-over work has emerged as a popular remote career option, allowing individuals to lend their voices to various projects while embracing a location-independent lifestyle. As a voice-over artist, you have the opportunity to bring scripts to life through your vocal talents, from commercials, elearning narrations to even video game narrations. 

With a professional recording setup and the ability to deliver files remotely, you can work with clients from around the world without being tied to a specific location. Earnings depend on a few factors such as how experienced you are, whether you work privately or with an agency, and your overall reputation in the voice over game. 

Rates can be determined on a per-project basis or using industry-standard pricing structures, such as union rates or pay-per-word. Successful voice-over artists with a solid reputation and a diverse client base have the potential to earn a substantial income that can support their travels and provide financial stability. 

All you need is a decent microphone you can take around the world, some audio software, and you’re good to go. 

Virtual Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructing as a remote career offers a unique blend of holistic wellness and flexibility in location. As a remote yoga instructor, you can guide students through virtual classes, workshops, or personalised sessions from anywhere in the world. 

Through video platforms and online communities, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge, promote mindfulness, and help individuals improve their physical and mental well-being. 

You can also host retreats, collaborate with wellness platforms, and create or sell digital content like instructional videos or e-books, or even run a blog dedicated to it. Building a strong online presence, cultivating a loyal following, and fostering a sense of community are essential for attracting students and increasing your earning potential. 


In conclusion, the opportunities for remote careers while travelling are vast and diverse. From travel blogging to voice over artistry, each of these careers offers a unique blend of flexibility, creativity, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world. 

These remote professions allow you to combine your passion for exploration with professional growth, offering the freedom to travel, experience different cultures, and immerse yourself in new environments. 

While potential earnings may vary based on factors such as experience, niche expertise, and marketing strategies, success in these careers often requires dedication, skill development, and the ability to adapt to a competitive landscape.

Nevertheless, by leveraging technology, building a strong online presence, and continuously honing your craft, you can create fulfilling and sustainable careers that allow you to embrace a nomadic lifestyle while still pursuing your professional aspirations.

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