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Best US Cities to Visit for Sports Lovers

Last updated on May 11, 2022

Everyone loves to travel, Instagram has taught us that for certainty. Some enjoy experiencing different cultures, other people are dedicated foodies that simply need to sample the various dishes that are available regionally and of course those who like trying some luck with some online gaming offers. For travelers that enjoy the excitement of live sporting events and overall sports culture, you’ll find many great cities in the US that have plenty to offer.

Here are some of the cities around the USA that are paradise for sports lovers. 

Los Angeles, CA 

For travelers, Los Angeles is a wondrous destination that has everything you could be interested in. When you think of the city, many people immediately imagine the food, art, or music, and thus the sports legacy of this city is often overshadowed. Make no mistake, LA is a sports lover’s dream town.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Los Angeles is that there have been a lot of transient teams here over the years and the sports scene really feels like it is in flux lately. Recently, the world of NFL football has converged on LA in a big way. For over 20 years, Los Angeles was a massive city without any football teams, now there are two with both the Los Angeles Rams, current Super Bowl winners, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

While football may be back in town, baseball has had a long term presence with the LA Dodgers and LA Angels. There is also the celebrated LA Kings, a formidable NHL hockey team. While these teams are all cherished, basketball really is the main sport in this sunny California city. 

The Los Angeles Lakers is the most popular team in LA by far, but the Los Angeles Clippers also have a huge fan base and bring a healthy rivalry to the city. 

Dallas, TX

The Southern portions of the United States are known as being crazy about football and Texas is no exception. Sure other sports like hockey and basketball have their fan bases, but football is absolutely the #1 sport in this state. Luckily, there are two great teams to choose from for NFL fans. The most iconic and well-known of which is the Dallas Cowboys. 

Once called “America’s team” by NFL film producer Bob Ryan, the Cowboys have a long history in the country. They have five Super Bowl championships, no small feat mind you, as well as numerous playoff appearances and divisional championships. The Cowboys also have the distinct honor of being the most valuable sports franchise in the world with an estimated worth of $5.5 billion. 

There are a lot of unique and interesting reasons to visit Dallas, but it will always be first and foremost a sports town. While the Cowboys may get all the praise, there are several other professional sports teams that call Dallas home. Wealthy businessman Mark Cuban has his basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks here. There is also the Dallas Stars, an NHL team, and the Texas Rangers, a Major League Baseball team. 

Pittsburgh, PA

We can discuss other huge cities like Miami, Seattle, or Denver, but there are just as many smaller cities that deserve some praise as well. Pittsburgh is a classic American rust-belt city that has a lot to offer like celebrated universities, great food, and of course, many successful sports franchises. 

Pittsburgh has its fair share of winter weather, so hockey has a much bigger presence here than down south. The Pittsburgh Penguins are their NHL team with five Stanley Cup Championships to their name. In the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers are known for being a hard-hitting team with a legion of dedicated fans supporting them. Since their conception in 1933, the Steelers have amassed six Super Bowl championships. Pittsburgh also has the honor of being home to one of the oldest baseball teams in the country, the Pittsburgh Pirates who started playing in 1882. There is a lot of sports history in this small city of just 300,000 residents. 

If you look around the country, you’ll find a lot of these quaint cities with ravenous sports fans like neighboring Buffalo, NY or Cleveland, OH. The US overall is truly a paradise for major league sports. 

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