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Best Places to See in Australia

When we think of Australia, it conjures up images of friendly locals, crocodiles, surfing and barbecues. As one of the most visited countries, it’s all this and so much more. Each region of Australia has its own identity and so much to offer tourists and residents alike.

With so much to see and do in Australia, a few places should be top of your list.  

How to Travel Around Australia?

Australia is vast as the largest island on the planet. In fact, the UK would cover less than a third of the Australian land mass. While this means there’s so much to explore, it would be difficult to cover all regions of Australia on one trip. For this reason, a longer visit is very much recommended to give you the chance to see more.  

If you love the Land Down Under so much that you’ve decided to make your stay lengthier or permanent, you’ll need home comforts. Enlist the help of a reliable company for shipping to Australia so that you’re prepared with everything you need. 

Best Places to Visit in Australia

Although each of Australia’s ten territories has unique sights and experiences, there are a few stand-out locations to consider. 


Home to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the wonders of the natural world. The biggest reef system on the planet, it boasts the accolade of being the only living thing you can see from space. You can snorkel and dive amongst the crystal blue waters and observe the complex life of the coral reef. A word of caution: the Great Barrier Reef hosts endangered species and is also in danger itself, so it’s important that you enjoy it respectfully. It’s thought that sun cream is damaging to the reef, so try not to go in the water if you’re wearing it. 

Northern Territory

With fewer residents, this Australian territory is renowned for its remoteness with the iconic scenes of the Outback. If you want to get a sense of Australia’s roots, this should be top of your list. Take a tour around Uluru, or ‘Ayers Rock’, to immerse yourself in the Aboriginal lands of one of the globe’s oldest cultures.

New South Wales

Head over to Sydney and climb the impressive Harbour Bridge for incredible views of the sea, the city and the opera house. After that, head to Byron Bay for revitalising yet challenging surfing and a slice of ocean paradise.

South Australia

Home of the Murray River, this region is widely considered to be the gastronomical capital of Australia. Head to the Barossa Valley for an idyllic stay in the vineyards. 


The city of Melbourne has a lot to offer temporary and permanent visitors as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Known for its vibrant nightlife and artistic identity, you can’t be bored on a visit to Melbourne. Be sure to take in the cityscape from the Skydeck viewing platform and enjoy some cultural exhibits in the galleries and spaces around Federation Square. 

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