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Best & Cheapest Countries to Travel to from the UAE

Last updated on April 28, 2021

Dubai has become a tourist mecca in recent years and is now known as both a business centre and major tourism destination, attracting roughly 20 million visitors a year.

More than a hundred airlines operate at Dubai International Airport flying to more than 250 destinations, making Dubai a fantastic destination from which to explore the Middle East – and beyond.

Emirates Airline alone flies to more than 100 destinations, but what are the cheapest countries to travel to from the UAE? Let’s take a look!


More than a million passengers fly from Dubai to Bangkok, Thailand every year. Some of them are traveling from one country to play tourist in the other. Others are passing through these major international airports on their way to other countries. And a fair number are migrant workers paying for the cheapest flight possible so that they can send as much money home as possible. That is why Bangkok to Dubai flights are some of the cheapest Asian flights out of Dubai.


Roughly a million people a year fly between Mumbai, India and Dubai. Another 800,000 pass through Delhi. Many of these travellers are migrant workers rather than tourists. However, the sheer volume keeps flights affordable. You could actually save more money by booking a Dubai to Trivandrum flight instead of landing in Mumbai or another larger city.


Airline passenger volume from Pakistan is almost as great as that from India. This population includes many migrant workers and people visiting Dubai on their way to Saudi Arabia.


Kuwait is probably the cheapest destination to reach from Dubai by air aside from Saudi Arabia. It is a short flight, so it is quite affordable.

Saudi Arabia 

Dubai has regular daily flights to Jeddah and Riyadh. These travellers may be coming for business or pleasure, or they may be taking a connecting flight to another part of the world. These travellers are much more likely to come for the shopping and entertainment than someone from the Philippines or Pakistan. And many Saudis choose to fly in rather than take the multi-lane highways that connect the two countries. Oman is also connected to the UAE by highways, but there are almost no flights to Oman from the UAE.

United Kingdom 

Roughly 1.7 million people fly between the Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.  Another 800,000 fly through London LGW and nearly that many fly into Dubai from Manchester. The more than three million passengers make the UK the largest source of European travellers to the UAE; Paris is a distant second with roughly 850,000 visitors a year flying from France to Dubai. Note that many of these British flights carry people coming from Continental Europe; they fly into an airport like London Heathrow before taking a direct flight to Dubai.

The Philippines 

If you are on an Asian vacation, know that it is relatively affordable to fly from Manila to Dubai. You may be traveling with Asian tourists or migrant workers, but the flight will be relatively cheap because the cost of the flight is divided among so many travellers.


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