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Beginner’s Guide to Hiking America’s Most Scenic National Parks

Here is a list of the most breathtakingly beautiful easy trails to hike in America’s most scenic national parks.

1. Balanced Rock Trails – National Park of Utah

Just like its name suggests, gravity-defying balanced rocks on these trails need to be seen to be believed. On this simple route, you won’t be in much danger while hiking, with a paved start and a picnic area along the route. 

The Balanced Rock Trail is located right at the base of the Arches National Park of Utah. What makes it so iconic is the huge rock that is placed well-balanced right at the top of the pedestal, which is quite a thin stone. 

Reaching the destination while hiking is quite easy. Once you are there, walking through the entire trail will take just around twenty minutes. Alongside this, the markers are available throughout the trail, making the entire adventure even safer and more secure. 

If you don’t want to go to a very extensive height on your first camping trip, you would be glad to know that with this trail, the elevation is just around fifty feet. Hence, if you have the right backpack from, you can easily manage this trail in a single go! 

2. Dickey Ridge Loop – Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park

Virginia is known for the breathtaking views it offers to visitors, and the Shenandoah National Park is no different. It is heaven for those who have just started out camping and are looking for something really simple to tread on.

Dickey Ridge Loop trails are located on the west side of Virginia, along with the Ridge Mountains. This means that you get to experience the best of everything; from mountain peaks to the forests and from the wetlands to the wildlife. You name it, and this national park will serve you with it! 

As a beginner, you would be glad to know that the Royal entrance at the front will take you all the way to the Dickey Ridge Center, which is merely four miles away. On these trails, you would be able to view not only the waterfalls but also the amazing plains. Plenty of hiking trails are available here and you can easily choose the most convenient one amongst them to hike along! 

3. Garfield Peak Trail at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Yet another amazing park that has great trails is the Crater Lake National Park. Located in Oregon, this national park is surrounded by the Cascade mountains. Alongside this, the lake is one of the deepest ones in the country, and viewing it is surely quite an experience for adventure lovers.

The most sought-after trail of this park is undoubtedly the Garfield Peak Trail. The total distance of this trail is somewhere around 3.5 miles and the difficulty level is pretty moderate! This family friendly trail gives you a great view of the Carter Lake rim as soon as you reach the top! 

Some Tips For the Beginner Hiker Exploring the Trails of America

  • Make sure to pack a potent sunscreen with you. You might not notice the sunlight as you walk, but no matter the season it may affect your skin, badly.
  • Pack light to ensure you can move through the trails effortlessly.

  • Though all the mentioned trails are well-maintained, it’s advised to wear a sturdy pair of walking boots to best tackle the terrain.

Scenic National Parks Are Worth A Trip

America is filled with breathtaking views, and its national parks are gorgeous! As a hiker, you should definitely avail yourself of the chance to enjoy these amazing views. 

Obviously, you can start off with the easiest trails and then challenge yourself with the difficult ones as you gain some confidence and experience! 

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