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Beers of the World ~ A Visual Voyage

Whether it’s drinks after work with colleagues, or kicking back on a sun lounger on holiday, there is no shortage of styles of beer to suit any occasion, no matter what mood you’re in.

World Beer Map

If you’re keen on a crisp craft offering, or salivating for a sturdy stout, Holiday Hypermarket has put together this fun, interactive local beers of the world map that features a sample of the incredible variety of beer produced from countries and regions from all over the globe. 

Ian Crawford of Holiday Hypermarket says: ‘A lot of Brits love to sample the local beer in the sun while enjoying a well-earned holiday. So, if beer is your thing, there’s a whole world out there to discover while away, and this map is a fun and interactive way to get exploring before you go.’

If you’re tempted by a beer that’s steeped in tradition, why not try a Spaten Oktoberfest? This Märzen-style offering originates from Munich in southern Germany, sharing its name with the lively beer festival.

Heading further afield to Sri Lanka, Lion Stout boasts a rich, malty flavour with intense overtones of roasted coffee and sweet chocolate. Not for the faint-hearted, this dark stout has an ABV of 8.8%, a high number matching the impressive high altitude at which it’s brewed – 1,000 metres feet above sea level!

If it’s a lighter option you’re after, head across the Atlantic to the laid-back beaches of Brazil, where you can kick back in the soft sand of Copacabana with a bottle of Brahma. This gentle, mild lager slips down easily.

Let the diverse beers of the world lure you into an overseas adventure!

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