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Around the World: Top 10 Most Visited Countries in 2022

For the last few years, getting on an aeroplane has been something that brought more fear than excitement. There were so many travel restrictions in place that families who lived just down the road from one another weren’t allowed to be in the same room, never mind travelling to a different country for holidays. It’s been a real challenge for the wanderlust travellers of the world to have to stay in one place for so long, but the tide has finally turned! Thanks to worldwide cooperation and consideration, the worst has passed, and we are once again able to roam the world as we did before. Book the private flights, pack your bags and don’t forget your passport because we’re taking you on a round-the-world trip to all the most visited places of 2022.

1. France

The number one most visited country in the world this year has been France. It’s hardly surprising that this gorgeous country is at the top of the list: from wine and champagne country to fashion week in Paris, to sunning yourself on the beaches in Canne to experiencing all the artistic, historical and architectural gems that this old land has to offer. Take your time and travel across the country to soak yourself in good food and wine and some of the most intriguing history that the world has to offer. The premier destinations in France are, naturally, Paris, Niece, Canne, The Côte d’Azur and Bordeaux.

2. Spain

Sunny, spicy Spain is number two. This country has so much to offer that it’s no wonder tourists flock there year in and year out. The cultural history of the different regions of Spain varies a lot, so it’s good to try a few different places to get a cultural cross-section of the Spanish people. Catalan culture and cuisine, in particular, are worth experiencing. Eat the freshest seafood, see some world-renowned art and architecture and while the nights away listening to a Spanish guitar. The hearts of the Spanish people are deep, and they welcome foreigners into their country with all the love they would have for a long-lost family member. The premier destinations are Barcelona, Andalusia, Seville, Madrid and Tenerife. 

3. United States of America

Though the US has been through turbulent times of late, that doesn’t stop tourists from flocking to this enormous country to experience all the wonderful things it has to offer. If you’re a fashion lover, head to New York and take in a few shows and some window shopping. If outdoor life is for you, try the Pacific Northwest or one of the beautiful national parks. Visit battlefields, museums, and art galleries and experience good Southern cooking; visit old fishing towns in New England and watch the leaves as they turn every fall. America is a melting pot, and you should see it all. Premier destinations are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Salem if you like a bit of the spooky life.

4. China

China comes in at number 4. The culture and traditions of this ancient land run deep, and they are the biggest draw that brings visitors to China. The collision of the old world and the new world is so apparent in many places in China, mainly the big cities like Beijing. This is a jet-set destination that brings in the rich and famous. There are many gorgeous cities to see and experience, where traditional Chinese food is available from five-star restaurants, but the natural world in China is unbeatable as well- and don’t forget to visit the Great Wall! There is wildlife in China that you cannot see anywhere else in the world, so take some time to meet some of the animals when you’re there. Premier destinations are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhangjiajie.

5. Italy

Many classical painters hauled themselves and their art supplies across the world just to study the Italian light, and it’s not hard to see why! The destination of choice for discerning art lovers, foodies and romantics the world over, Italy is our number 5. The breadth and depth of this destination are hard to cram into a few sentences, but we’ll try; pizza in Napoli, country air in Tuscany, art and sculpture in Rome, beach days in Capri and the Duomo in Florence. There is nowhere better to experience the slow life. Meals are served late and are enjoyed at a luxurious pace, afternoon naps are a must and learning the joy of doing nothing is a full-time pursuit (Dolce far niente). Premier destinations are all mentioned above.

Wrap Up

These are the top five most visited places in 2022. It is easy to see why these locations are the most loved by the world; if you want to experience an incredibly wide variety of cultures, cuisines, fashions, architecture, art and lifestyles, these are the best destinations to try out. Wishing you a well-travelled 2022!

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