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All-Season Packing Tips for Your Adventure Holiday

Adventure getaways often encompass a wide variety of activities, from skiing on icy slopes to hiking through woodland or surfing off the coast of exotic beaches. As an adventure enthusiast, it’s likely you’ll base your trips around these activities and having a wardrobe of essentials that can see you through the seasons means you’re always prepared. 

The trick to multi-season travelling is to pack layers. Instead of having to cart multiple jackets, jumpers and bulky trousers with you, layering thinner layers gives you more outfit options and also prepares you for weather changes. Coupled with moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating materials that are versatile, these items give you the foundation for seasonal outfits for any activity and, most importantly, any climate. These are a few essential packing tips and items to have to hand to help you travel comfortably, whatever the location or time of year. 

1. Use a Travel Belt to Keep Essentials Close and Safe

Discrete Travel Belt

A belt that has a hidden security pocket for storing money, keys or your phone can be incredibly useful, wherever you’re travelling to. It will see you through any adventure for years to come and gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’ll have your essentials on you.

Whatever the destination, and regardless of the season, this is an accessory you won’t regret buying and it will minimise the risk of your most valuable items being stolen since they’ll be hidden away out of plain sight. 

Choose Accessories That Serve More Than One Purpose

Buff Neckware for Cycling

A multifunctional accessory that’s surprisingly versatile is a neck warmer.

This stretchy piece of gear is essentially a loop of material, but it can be used for so many different functions. From covering your ears when you’re in a cold, windy location to warming your neck or face in the snow, covering your eyes if you’re a light sleeper and have forgotten an eye mask. Or protecting your head when it’s sunny.

To keep your luggage as light as possible, choosing items that can be used in multiple ways is the best choice. 

Keep Clothing Light (and Useful)


On the subject of keeping your luggage light, also be sure to look for lightweight items of clothing that are still as practical as possible.

For example, a lightweight yet warm, water-resistant gilet is a great addition to your travel list as it’s warm enough to keep your torso toasty when there’s a dip in temperature but won’t restrict your movement when you’re hiking, running or cycling, and it takes up less room than a full coat.

Choose a vest that has plenty of pockets so you can carry your essentials with ease, from snacks and first aid items to your personal ID if you’re moving between locations. 

Get Your Footwear Right

Walking Pen Y Fan Mountain, Brecon Beacons, South Wales, UK - by Ben Holbrook from
Credit: Ben Holbrook hiking up Pen y Fan, Wales

Depending on how long you’ll be spending on your feet and the terrain you’ll be walking across, you might not fancy the idea of lugging heavy hiking boots with you.

Hiking shoes, however, can be a great alternative as they’re lighter and more versatile than boots but still give you support and grip underfoot. Most importantly, wear them several times before your trip – you don’t want to be breaking them in for the first time on a long hike!

Skip Cotton Materials

Breathable fabrics are best to adapt to ever-changing climates and temperatures. Cotton might seem like the best choice because it’s a natural fibre and breathable. And while that’s true, it is also a fibre that can only be worn once or twice before it needs washing, which can be inconvenient if you’re camping or on the road and away from facilities for several days at a time.

Choose items that are made from merino wool, as an example, as these will be wearable for longer before they need washing and they work across a range of temperatures. Another alternative is to choose clothes with specialist treatments like Polygiene that are designed for longer wear. 

Use the Right Bag/s

Slovenia Travel Photography by Ben Holbrook from
Credit Ben Holbrook – Slovenia mountain hiker.

Last, but certainly not least, is your luggage itself. If you’re going to be on the go for a lot of your trip, a sturdy backpack is the best choice for carrying your belongings. But don’t just go for the cheapest one you can find.

Backpacks come in a host of different sizes and are built for different frames, so trying your backpack on before you buy is a good idea to make sure it’s comfortable and supportive.

Ideally, choose one that has a mesh cage on the back to avoid your back becoming too hot and sweaty when you’re walking, a waist belt to take the pressure off your shoulders, and plenty of pockets and storage compartments for easy organisation. 

Be Prepared for Any Adventure

Travelling is an exciting and rewarding activity, and adventure-led trips are no exception. What better way to explore a destination than to be right in the heart of nature?

But travelling light is the key to a comfortable and stress-free trip, so choose clothing and accessories that allow for versatility, whether that’s mid-layers that act as additional storage, neck warmers that can be used as face or head protection from the elements, and clothes that can be worn for several days to reduce your packing needs.

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