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Airport Parking: Everything You Need to Know About Parkos

Is it possible to have your cake and eat it? If you are talking about going to the airport in your own car, arriving at your convenience and parking it before heading to board your flight, then you can.

Some people consider the exercise of looking for parking as tedious and stressful but perhaps this is because they have never heard of Parkos.

Parkos Airport Parking

Parkos is a platform that literary takes the pressure out of any air travel experience. By opening their online platform, prospective users are able to compare more than one parking facility at an airport, make a reservation, and pay for the service in readiness for your travel day.

Since Parkos entered the parking services marketplace in 2014, it has seen quite the positive reception among both leisure and business travellers. As with all technology assisted services, this parking assist platform thrives on giving assurance to car owners that their vehicles are safe in their absence. This analogy may convince some people but the majority of those who own high end luxury cars may need more flesh on the bone. Here are some reasons to choose Parkos the next time you need to leave your vehicle parked at the airport;

1. It Saves Time

Thousands of travellers use taxi cabs, trains and buses to get to the airport. All these modes of transport are time-sensitive and unfortunately, many find that they are at the airport but having forgotten something at home. If it is something you must travel with, chances are that you will miss the flight or check in really late.

The situation is completely redeemable if you are driving your own car – and choose to use Parkos parking. Since the application allows travellers to program their timelines easily, leaving the house, making your way to the airport and parking your vehicle are all done without a rush. If there is need to go back home, the process is simple – turn back around, use a faster speed and still make it to the airport in time.

2. It Saves Travellers from Airport Hassle

What if there was a private spot at the airport where you can lay out all your travel documents, confirm that they are all there then tack them away safely? Only a personal vehicle can provide this level of privacy and if you brought it to the airport, you can do all this at the parking lot. All you need to do is make sure that everything you need has been placed inside the vehicle by the time you leave the house. A simple way to accomplish this is to have a to-do-list; you might even begin to love travelling on a schedule.

3. It Saves Travellers from Worry

Most public parking lots have an element of insecurity attached to them. It is no wonder that many people park at their own risk. Many things can happen in such spaces. Apart from the fact that no one is liable for theft when it happens, the parking lot owner is not obligated to keep watch over vehicles parked there. They obviously become easy prey for vandalism. Parkos has engaged parking lots in and around major airports. The partnership actually begins with vetting those spaces – how secure are they? Have they met security standards required by the parking platform? Only when there is conformity will the parking lot be listed on the platform as available for reservations. This means that travellers can be gone for days or even months and their vehicle will still have all parts and components intact as when it was when they left.

4. It Saves Money

At the confirmation that travel plans have matured, most people start looking for accommodation. Comparing hotel bookings and tourist attractions take over the rest of the time before travel. This often means that airport parking takes a back seat while it is an expense that cannot be avoided. For people who continue to ignore this aspect of travel planning, the result is deep holes poked into their pockets. It is possible to salvage such situations by making reservations with Parkos. Affordability is guaranteed with this service and for those who do not mind spending on car parking, extra parking facilities or amenities can be incorporated into their package.

Parkos Airport Parking Types

Parking your vehicle in or around the airport courtesy of an airport service calls under two broad categories; short and long term parking.

With short term parking, the car owner is most likely at the airport to drop off or pick up a traveller. Since they already declared their intent to be at the airport for a few hours, the service is charged by the hour.

In the case of long term parking at the airport, the owner intends to be away for more than a week. Apart from this option being cheaper than short term parking, the parking service encourages people to park for longer periods of time by offering discounts and offers. To save significantly from this type of parking, travellers are advised to book early in advance.

Regardless of whether you had opted for long or short term parking, it is possible to arrive at the airport short of time. Valet parking (or meet and greet) allows travellers to arrange a third party to pick your car at a certain location and drive it to the parking lot.

The Parkos platform is user friendly such that it is possible to make adjustments to a parking package. Without running into worry or the chance of missing a flight, Parkos provides cheap airport parking that is hassle free.

How Does Parkos Work?

When you open Parkos on any web browser, the platform will open on a homepage which is where you will book your parking reservation. Users of this platform do not need to have prior registration until they have landed on a parking option that suits their needs.

While some airports might not have a comprehensive list of amenities, users can see details of various offers available on the platform. Even confirmed reservations on Parkos can be cancelled or altered for up to 24 hours before the travel time.

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