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7 Family Vacation Activities You Should Try

Whether you want to strengthen your family bond, spend quality time with your loved ones, or relax, going on a family vacation is the perfect opportunity to do all that. Family vacations offer a chance to get away from daily stressful life and enjoy a great holiday with your loved ones. And if you bring your kids along, you can make some great memories to remember in the future.

It is a daunting task to keep your little children entertained during your vacation. If you don’t plan your activities, your kids can become bored, and your dream vacations can become a mess. Fortunately, you can avoid these situations by doing the following family vacation activities:


No vacation is ever complete without a fun day of camping. Whether you’re going to the meadows or the mountains on your vacation, you can find several campgrounds to make your trip enjoyable. There’s nothing more fun than enjoying a night in the wild, sitting around the campfire, cooking barbeque, and talking about good old memories with your family and kids. It provides the ultimate experience of bonding with your kids.

Camping is of various types, from traditional tent camping to RV camping and from beach camping to cabin camping. The most adventurous trips are tent camping trips, where you have to set up your tent yourself. However, you’ll have to worry about unexpected rains and bad weather conditions, in case you go tent camping. RV camping is a great option that provides convenience but doesn’t compromise on the fun part. Texas is one great option for going RV camping. 

If you ever go to Texas, you can visit firefly RV resort to enjoy a camping weekend with your family. With a resort-style swimming pool and a clubhouse, you are sure to enjoy your stay there. In addition to the swimming pool, the resort also offers laundry rooms, a business center, an outdoor kitchen, and even restroom suites. You can book a campsite in advance to avoid hassle during your trip.


If you’re going to the mountains, hiking is another activity that can keep you and your kids entertained on your tour. You can visit many National Parks in the US if you’re interested in a family hiking trip. If you love the trees and the wilderness, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a great option to go hiking. More than 1600 kinds of flowers, various types of trees, and beautiful waterfalls add to the already majestic scenery of the National Park. The hiking trail here is suitable for both experienced and beginners, and you can even bring your little ones for hiking here. You can hike on a paved pathway to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls, the abrams falls.

Want to experience something different? How about hiking along red rocks and riversides with beautiful landscapes, forests, and expansive scenery? If this interests you, you must visit Zion National Park in Utah. Having multiple hiking trails, including Angel’s and the Narrows, Zion National Park attracts visitors from around the country. You can even visit with your kids, as it offers many kid-friendly trails, such as the Zion Canyon Floor.

Some other great hiking spots in the country include Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Acadia National Park, and Lake Tahoe. Enriched with natural beauty and gorgeous sceneries, these offer some of the most beautiful hiking trails you can visit with your family.

River Rafting

Do you fantasize about those adventurous trips? Try River rafting on your next family vacation and experience the adrenaline pumping throughout your body. River rafting in the mountains boasts beautiful scenery, splashing water, and abundant wildlife to make your trip more enjoyable. No matter where you go for your vacation, you can find a river and a rafting spot in the US. Be it the Salmon River in Idaho, the Green River in Utah, or the Rogue River in Oregon, you can enjoy a fun day of river rafting in any of these spots.

Visiting an Amusement Park

Whether you’re going on a vacation trip for a few days or just one day, a trip to an amusement park is perfect for a family vacation, no matter if you have younger kids or teenagers. Filled with various rides, attractions, arcade games, and different food options, your kids won’t get bored on their trip to an amusement park.

Some amusement parks are located alongside beaches and fun cities, while others are attractions in and of themselves. Disney World, Disneyland, Dollywood, and Hershey Park, are some of the best theme parks in the US. Whether it’s the rushing roller coaster rides for your teenagers or the kiddie rides for your younger kids, most amusement parks feature a variety of those.

Visit a Museum

Museums are a great way to teach history to your younger ones. And in recent years, many museums have found ways to add fun factors to accommodate the younger kids. Denver Art Museum is one good example of that. The Denver Art Museum lends special backpacks to kids for exploring the galleries. Nashville Art Museum is yet another example where kid-friendly activities have been added. This art museum offers an interactive family gallery to learn about the colors and shapes of the artefacts. It even allows families to create art on their own.

Play Mini Golf 

Mini Golf is one of the most popular vacation activities around the US. The option to play indoors or outdoors has become a favorite vacation activity across the country. And most mini-golf facilities offer fun activities such as ice cream bars and escape room attractions.

Play Board Games

Finding it difficult to keep your kids entertained between the excursions and after getting back to the hotel? The good old board games can help keep your little ones busy and avoid boredom. Always pack some board games such as monopoly and chess before you embark on your vacation journey.


Family vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. However, planning your activities is essential to avoid boredom on your dream vacation. You can follow the above-given guide to enjoy a fun family vacation. 

Activities such as camping, hiking, river rafting, visiting theme parks and museums, and playing mini golf can help keep yourself and your kids entertained during your trip.

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