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6 Ways to Travel and See Even More of the World

Last updated on July 18, 2022

Does long-term “travel” make you think of lugging a large backpack through different countries with a constantly aching back? Where you have to wear the same clothes for days on end, share cramped hostel rooms with strangers and eat microwaved meals? It doesn’t have to be this way! Here are a few different ways to explore the world!

1. Road Tripping (by Car)

Ways to Travel

If you love the luxuries of a hotel or similar accommodation but still want the flexibility that travelling offers, why not head on a road trip! A road trip is a great way to enjoy all of your creature comforts while also exploring your destination. This can be a bit more of a pricey way to travel, depending on where you stay, but you will get things such as your meals cooked for you, a large bathroom and other amenities. What’s more, modern day accommodation booking apps make it easy to find and book somewhere to stay, so you don’t even need to book ahead – just keep driving until you find somewhere you fancy spending the night, then pull over and book somewhere for the night!

2. Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle Touring

For the ultimate feeling of freedom, hop on a Harley and throttle your way through some alpine twisties with the wind in your hair and everything you need strapped to the back of your hog. As with car road tripping, it’s easy enough to book comfortable accommodation as you go, or you could even pack a small tent and go fully wild. Obviously you’ll need a motorcycle licence to go motorcycle touring, as well as travel insurance, motorcycle insurance and the number for a motorcycle accident lawyer just in case. But there’s no question that this is the ultimate stress-busting way to see the world!

3. Caravanning/Motorhome-ing

Off-Road Caravanning

If you like the idea of a road trip but want to immerse yourself more in the culture of a country or place, then why not take a trip in a caravan? With vehicles such as off road caravans you get the flexibility of driving and sleeping wherever you want (within reason) and have more choices to get in with the locals. You can camp under the stars taking in some of the most breathtaking views in the world. There are also no strict check-in or check-out times, so no matter when you arrive at your chosen spot, you can get out and explore, or have a nap and a refresh.

4. Bicycle Touring

BIke Touring

Enjoy getting physical during your travels? What better way to eat up some serious miles than to hop on a touring bicycle and hit the road (or cycle track). Bicycle touring has all the benefits of car road tripping and motorcycle touring, but with the aded advantage of being muscle powered, so you can get your blood pumping and burn off those indulgent meals while peddling from place to place. Traditional touring bikes are great for loading up panniers and cruising along roads and tracks, while modern day gravel bikes are a cross between touring bikes and mountain bikes, allowing you go to go anywhere you want – especially if you opt for a fancy electric gravel bike!

5. Cruising

Cruising is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to travel, thanks to the many opportunities it gives you to see the world by sea (or river!). Cruising allows you to board in one place and be sailed around to multiple different countries, cities and islands all in the space of just a few days. You can do everything from a European cruise to a Caribbean one or a cruise that heads around the world. The choice is yours. Cruising can be expensive so it is worth saving up for, but will be a trip that you are guaranteed to never forget!

NB: Cruising can be harmful to the environment, and also to local cultures. Be sure to research your cruise company carefully and to off-set your emissions wherever possible.

6. Train Travel

Train Travel

Train travel is arguably the most luxurious, adventurous and romantic forms of travel going. There’s something magical about the rhythm of the rails and the snaking tracks. Some of the most famous travel books ever written have been based on train journeys – be sure to read Paul Theroux’s iconic book, The Great Railway Bazaar – and for good measure. Like cruising by sea, train travel allows you to travel and see more, even while you’re sleeping or having breakfast. But the beauty is that it is far better for the environment thank cruising, and you don’t have to contend with the rigours of rolling ocean life.

These are three great ways for you to travel and see the world while also doing it the way that you like to. Remember that there is no set rule for how to travel, you just need to do it how you wish and make sure that you have the best time! You can be as organised as strict in your schedule as you want, or act more spontaneously too if this is something that you enjoy. Let us know in the comments below your favourite way to travel and some of the best trips that you have ever been on!

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