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6 Fully Staffed Costa Rican Villas Perfect for Surfers

When you’re seeking out fully-staffed Costa Rican villas to book, you need to understand which ones will help you live out the vacation dreams that you’re envisioning. For surfers, certain location needs and offered fully-serviced amenities become a requirement. To help you plan your dream surfing get-away, here are six fully-staffed Costa Rican villas that are perfect for surfers: 

1. Vista Hermosa Estate 

Vista Hermosa Estate is one of the most incredible all-inclusive, fully-staffed Costa Rican villa resorts on the planet. If you want a place where you can both surf and party, this is the place that you want to pay attention to. Few Costa Rican villas that are all-inclusive have as many amenities to offer as Vista Hermosa Estate. Their wide range of gourmet foods made by personal chefs, their full-time maid service, their personal concierges, and their world-renowned spa treatment options will keep you feeling lively and social between your surfing sessions. 

2. Seaside Estate 

The modern, slick feel of Seaside Estate makes it stand out from many other Costa Rican villa resorts. There’s also an adventurous edge to this amazing villa that makes it perfect for those with a surfing spirit. The golden beaches of Costa Rica are on full display and are within walking distance from your sleeping quarters. On-site staff are incredibly friendly and can point you to the best place to catch stellar waves with ease. Between surfing sessions, you can enjoy all the fantastic food-related amenities the villa resort has to offer as well. And be sure to ask about their spa services while you’re at it! 

3. Cielomar

For those who are looking to throw in some other sporty activities into their vacation schedule between surfing sessions, the fact that Cielmoar is located right next to a nearby world-class Arnold Palmer golf course will be right up your alley. There are many amazing on-site luxuries to enjoy at Cielomar as well, including their famous charcoal-black volcanic stone pools (which mimic the color and feel of the Pacific Ocean), their personal gourmet chefs, and their incredibly cozy personal living quarters. This three-level villa will keep you entertained, well-fed, and feeling alive while you’re planning out, or preparing for, your next amazing surfing adventure. This is also an ideal place to practice your photography or another art that you’re passionate about. 

4. Villa Perezoso 

One of the smaller Costa Rican villa resorts on this list, Villa Perezoso is known for handling just a handful of guests at a time. If you’re looking for a place to vacation with fellow surfer buddies who are dedicated to spending as much time as humanly possible looking for their dream waves, this is a great villa to consider. The fact that it’s still close to other natural wonders, such as the Manuel Antonio National Park, makes Villa Perezoso that much more attractive and awe-inspiring for adventurous spirits. You can use their shuttles at will to get between local food wonders, the golden beaches you’ll be surfing at, and other tourist attractions that you will not want to miss between surfing sessions. 

5. Villa Avalon 

Villa Avalon keeps things simpler than the other choices on this list but has many amazing features to brag about nonetheless. There is an emphasis on small groups at Villa Avalon, making it another place that’s perfect for those looking to host a multi-person surfing adventure. The oceanside location of the Villa Avalon makes it both stunning, and perfect for those who want to head down to the beach at their leisure. The awesome variety of waves the location hosts during many seasons has made it that much more ideal for vacationers looking to surf to the fullest. The villa is located nearly 100 meters above sea level, giving the hike down to the beach a more intense, epic feel. 

6. Casa Caiman

While a much more laid-back villa than many of the others on this list, Casa Caiman has the advantage of being private and barely populated. Due to this, you can surf to your heart’s extent without being interrupted by amateur surfers, boaters, or other guests. Between your surf sessions, you can enjoy the many amazing amenities that Casa Caiman has to offer. From a personal chef that knows exactly how to create deliciously authentic Costa Rican cuisine, to maid services that will help keep your room spotless between sessions when you come in from surfing, you’ll have everything you need to focus fully on your surfing goals. Now it’s time to catch some absolutely stellar waves! 

Live Out Your Surfing Dreams in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the absolute best places to live out your surfing dreams to their fullest. With the right planning, concierge services, and dedication, you’ll be surfing on the Costa Rican coastline in no time at all! 

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