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5 Reasons Why Portugal is a Golfer’s Paradise

Last updated on July 8, 2022

British golf legend Sir Henry Cotton was the first to realise Portugal’s golfing potential. In the late 1960s, he transformed a paddy field into what is now known as The Penina Resort Course and the rest, as they say, is history. Today there are some 75 golf courses and resorts in Portugal, making this charming sun-kissed country a world-class destination for amateurs and pros alike.

Read on to find out what makes Portugal such a value-packed-paradise for golf lovers.

Legendary Greens

Golf in Portugal is a huge deal. In fact, it’s become one of Europe’s biggest destinations for golfers looking for world-class courses and serene landscapes. The Algarve remains the most famous area, with a number of popular courses located near the resort of Vilamoura. But there are countless offerings in surrounding areas like Madeira, Azores and the capital city of Lisbon too. The quality of the greens has led to the Portugal Masters, hosted in the Dom Pedro resort in Vilamoura. Whether you’re an amateur golfer or an advancing pro, you can be sure to find a course to suit your level and taste.

Top Golf Courses in Portugal Include:

  • Dom Pedro Old, Vilamoura
  • Oitavos Dunes
  • Dom Pedro Victoria, Vilamoura
  • Royal Course, Vale do Lobo
  • Monte Rei

Year-Round Sunshine

With its blissfully balmy summers and sun-kissed winters, Portugal boasts ideal year-round golfing conditions. In recent decades it has continued to thrive as a winter sun destination, often out shining competitor countries like Spain, Turkey and Dubai. The Algarve is the best-known golfing destination in Portugal, with famous courses located near Vilamoura, but with plenty of choice to choose from you’re sure to find a deal by looking elsewhere.

Unbeatable Value for Money

With so many greens squeezed into such a relatively small space, it’s easy to find great golf holidays in Portugal. Compared to many other European golfing destinations, and non-European destinations too for that matter, Portugal’s golf resorts offer outstanding value for money. And there’s so much non-golf related value on offer too…

Famously Fantastic Food & Wine

Portugal has become legendary among golfers looking to eat and drink well between rounds. With its historic winemaking culture and some of the finest seafood on the planet, it really does have it all. What’s more, it’s all attractively priced and easy to access – whether at your resort or while out exploring the gorgeous cities and villages. As a bonus, the Portuguese diet is ideal for those pursuing a healthy diet, with traditional dishes revolving around grilled meat and fish served with fresh vegetables and potatoes.

A Warm and Welcoming Culture

The Portuguese are famously warm and friendly. Compared to their fellow European counterparts, they’re also applauded for their excellent grasp of the English language, which contributes to making day-to-day experiences run more smoothly. From the airport to clubhouse, the restaurant to the local shops, you can be sure to make new friends.

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