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5 Must-See Cities in Thailand for First-Time Visitors

Last updated on April 8, 2019

Many travellers head straight to Thailand’s paradise islands and unspoilt beaches, but culture-seekers looking to get under the skin of contemporary Thai life head for the cities.

Here are three of the best cities in Thailand for those looking for a deeper understanding of this amazing country. 

Best Cities in Thailand


Maddeningly chaotic, intoxicatingly seductive… Bangkok is the Thai capital and the mother of everything that makes Thailand what it is today.

There are cultural centres, markets, art galleries and historic sights galore, as well as glistening skyscrapers and modern mega malls.

Nibble your way through endless street food carts or explore the array of gourmet restaurants. There’s even more to do at night, from thrilling live music shows to Muay Thai fights and… well, pretty much anything you can imagine.

No trip to Thailand would be complete with spending at least a few days and nights getting to know this alluring capital .

Chiang Mai

Celebrated as the northern capital, Chiang Mai is a haven of nature and culture, offering everything we love about Thailand in one place.

There are no less than 500 temples to explore and an endless offering of jungles to trek through and river to raft down

The nightlife is relatively chilled compared to Bangkok but there’s still plenty to do, and you can never eat too much Thai cuisine.


The island of Phuket is one of the most famous party islands in Thailand, but the city of Phuket is also a haven of culture, gastronomy and revelry.

Thalang Road, in the old town, is renowned for its colourful shophouses and Sino-Portuguese buildings. And the Thai Hua Museum is one of the best places in Thailand to learn about the local culture and history.

Enjoy a full-moon party at Patong Beach or loose yourself in one of the many giant nightclubs. Blast your hangovers away on the paradise island of Ko Phi Phi (Phuket’s most famous beach). Swim and snorkel the day away or simply stretch out under a palm tree on a bed of ivory sand and relax with cocktails and the sound of lapping waves. This is city-living at its finest!

Make it Happen

Visas: You can find Thailand visa requirements here.

Get there: The main international airport in Thailand is Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is in Bangkok.

When to go: Thailand is a great travel destination at any time of year. The best time, however, typically during the cooler months between November and early April.

Where to stay: There are many modern accommodation options in Thailand, from city centre hostels, hotels and apartments to luxury resorts and beach shacks by the sea.

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