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100 Cultural Bucket List Experiences for Adventurous Cruisers

Thinking of taking a cruise? If so, here are 100 bucket list travel experiences you should start planning today!

I think a lot of people think of cruise ships as floating luxury hotels, but I think these types of cruisers are really missing the big picture.

Like Napoleon’s oceanic expeditions, cruising should be about adventuring to far off lands and experiencing new and exciting things. Cruising should be about exploring new cultures and learning about how different people live.

Yes the food onboard will be excellent, but it’ll never compare to the excitement of eating fresh tacos from a little street stall in Mexico, or stepping ashore in Naples to discover the birthplace of pizza.

Here are 100 experiences to get your sense of adventure fired up!

The Ultimate Cruise Holiday Bucket List | ROL Cruise

You can get detailed travel tips from travel bloggers for each of the bucket list experiences mentioned in this cool infographic by going to the full feature on the ROL Cruise website.

I’ve added my personal contribution below to give you a little taste of some of the juicy travel tips you can expect!

Eat Neapolitan Pizza in Naples (AKA The Birthplace of Pizza)

De Michelle Pizzeria, Naples, Italy Tavel Photography By Ben Holbrook from

Pizza is beloved the world over and for good reason, it’s highly versatile and downright delicious. But what better way to appreciate a dish than to try it in its hometown? With rich Mediterranean flavours from fresh ingredients and hundreds of years of heritage, a Neapolitan pizza in Naples is a must for a foodie’s bucket list.

We also spoke to Ben Holbrook from Driftwood Journals, who told us why everyone should eat a pizza in Naples: “Naples is easily one of the most thrilling cities in Italy, if not Europe. It’s wild and chaotic, a brash and often brazen ballet of bravado. It’s also an excellent place to eat like a true Italian and the birthplace of the world’s favourite food: pizza! Dating back to the late 18th century, it’s said that the dish was first invented for Queen Margherita of Savoy at Pizzeria Brandi, the walls of which are plastered with photos of its rich, royal and renowned customers. Pavarotti was a regular punter, and if it was good enough for him…

“Another famous pizzeria in Naples is Da Michele, which you may well recognise from that famous foodie scene with Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. But truth be told, you’ll struggle to find a bad pizza in Naples, so be sure to get stuck in wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. And don’t forget to wash your pizza down with a frosty bottle of Nastro Azzurro beer for a true taste of ‘la dolce vita’.”

Thanks to ROI Cruises for inviting me to be part of this great project. I’d like to think it will open cruisers’ eyes to the cultural charms of travelling by sea. Adventure awaits!

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