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10 Unmissable Things to Do in Krakow, Poland | A Life Affirming Guide

Last updated on September 16, 2018


Armed with a list of insider top tips from my friend Matt, who lived in Poland for over 4 years, we took to the magnificent streets of Krakow and soon discovered that it really is one of the most elegant, welcoming and culturally-rich cities in all of Europe. 

Whether you’re flying in for a quick weekend break or staying for a couple of weeks, here are my essential top tips on the best things to do in Krakow!

Inside Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow, Poland
Words & photos by your Krakow cruising guide, Ben Holbrook.

Krakow in a Nutshell

An incredibly beautiful city that somehow managed to survive WWII, Krakow (or ‘Crakow’) epitomises all that is beautiful about Central Europe. The local vodka is rather delicious and heart warming too!

In my experience, both in and outside of their own country, Polish people are sincere, humble and unfailingly polite people. There’s no huffing and puffing when you speak English to them and they seem to welcome all tourists with warmth and open arms.

Polish food is hearty and natural and unbelievably cheap – I’m talking three courses, beers and desserts for less than €5 per person! It makes it very easy to have fun and really indulge in the things that you might normally reserve for special occasions.

In short, Krakow, and indeed Poland as a whole, makes for a truly fascinating, rewarding and delicious travel destination.

1. Indulge in a Traditional Polish Breakfast at Krakow’s Main Square

Traditional Polish Breakfast at Krakow's Main SquareThe Rynek Glowny (Main Square) is the heart of Old Town Krakow. At a whopping 10-acres squared, it’s officially Europe’s biggest market square. Surrounded by gorgeous pastel yellow and peach buildings, including the 13th-century Gothic Town Hall Tower, I’d have to say it’s one of the most beautiful European squares I’ve ever seen.

Everything in Krakow seems to be sprinkled with dill, providing that classic Eastern/Central European aroma.

For an authentic Polish breakfast, order a plate of kielbasa sausages, sliced ham and creamy soft cheese. Or for something a little bit more hearty, do as I did and order the scrambled eggs with kielbasa sausage – also sprinkled with sprigs of fresh dill!

Kielbasa and scrambled eggs for Breakfast at Krakow, PolandThere are a few places off the main square offering typical Polish breakfast, but I’d definitely recommend Loza Cafe. It’s owned by a famous Polish celebrity (I think) and decorated so that you feel as if you are on an ’80s cruise liner.

A great place to sit and relax and watch the scenes of daily life in Krakow unfold.

2. Ride Like a King Through the Cobbled Streets with a Guided Horse and Cart Ride

Horse and Cart Ride, Krakow, PolandThis is exactly the kind of thing I would normally advise against, but in Krakow it’s so insanely cheap that it’s easy to adopt a new mindset.

Wawel castle horse and cart ride, Krakow, PolandFor about €20 (split it with your travel companions and it’ll be about €5 each), you can take a horse and cart ride through the city streets up to the Wawel Royal Castle.

the 12 apostles - Krakow's smallest church - PolandYour guide will talk you through all of the important buildings along the way and it really is a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with the city. Plus you’ll feel like Royalty!

3. Get Under the Skin of Krakow with a Free Walking Tour

Krakow Free Walking TourI loved how passionate the Polish people were about preserving  their culture, and how willing they were to share the stories of their arduous past.

It’s one of those places that you leave feeling like a better, more rounded person.

Krakow’s free walking tour starts in the Main Square and tells the heart-wrenching story of how the Jews were forced to move around the city.

Following in their footsteps, you learn how they came to establish the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, which is now the city’s capital of cool, and how they helped re-shape the city for good.

Krakow Free Walking Tour, Jewish Quarter, Krakow, PolandThe tour ends on a somber note as you learn how the Jews were carted off to “work at farms outside of the city,” only to end up at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

Tip: If you really want to get under the skin of Krakow and discover its Jewish history then I would also highly recommend this two-hour tour through the Jewish Ghetto and includes fast-track (skip-the-line) access to the fascinating Schindler’s Factory Museum.

4. Snack on Poland’s Famous Cheese Cake (Sernik Babci)

Poland's Famous Cheese Cake (Sernik Babci)It’s one of the classic dishes of Poland: a simple, rustic affair that goes down well with a strong coffee, especially when you’ve been walking in the cold for a few hours!

Poland's Famous Cheese Cake (Sernik Babci) bakery photoWander through the narrow back streets off the Main Square and it won’t take you long to find a little bakery. It’s much drier than the cheesecake you may be used to and there’s certainly a lot less sugar involved. But, still, it’s a symbol of Poland’s wholesome country cooking – a simple Krakow must-have!

Tip: If, like you me, you believe delving into the local cuisine is the most enjoyable way to learn about a new culture, I would highly recommend taking a food tour like this!

5. Take in the Views from Wawel Royal Castle

Inside Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow, PolandKrakow’s castle sits at the top of Wawel hill and is visible from almost everywhere in the city. It is to Krakow as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris: an impressive and truly worthy icon.

Inside Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow, PolandIt’s an easy walk up to the castle, where the dramatic spires and elegant fairy tale windows encourage your mind to disconnect from modern-day life.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the dragon, which is said to live in a cave at the foot of the hill.

Tip: Wawel Castle is Krakow’s most essential landmark and it’s definitely worth setting aside a few hours to go inside and explore its grounds. This excellent 2-hour tour reveals the castle’s fascinating history and, more importantly, also includes fast-track skip-the-line access so you don’t have to waste time lining up to get in.

6. Eat Authentic Polish Food at a Traditional Bar Mleczny (Milk Bar)

Traditional Bar Mleczny (Milk Bar) - Polish dumpling, Beetroot Soup, Schnitzel For authentic home-cooked Polish cuisine, you absolutely must visit a bar mleczny (milk bar). Originally set up as a kind of affordable canteen for Polish workers (meals are subsidised by the state), the format flourished after WWII when communism and the welfare state ruled Poland.

Kielbasa Sausages with fried onion in Krakow, PolandI love how they are so unpretentious and, apparently, obsessed with rock music of the late ’90s. I heard such classics as, It’s the final count down and eye of the tiger played multiple times, as well as a number of hits from the legendary Bonny Tyler.

Polish potato pancakes with beef goulash, Krakow, Poland The informal service style is very similar to that of a school or workplace canteen: you order and pay at the till and wait for your meal to be handed to you over the counter. They traditionally serve a simple, hearty selection of dairy-based dishes, but now offer a more varied menu.

Many of Krakow’s famous milk bars don’t serve alcohol, so it’s worth asking before you site down at a table if you enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with your meal.

Tip: Again, I truly believe that tasting and learning about local dishes like these is an excellent way to udnerstand the local culture and way of life. If you’re like to ‘eat like a local’ when you travel then I would highly recommend taking a food tour like this.

Classic milk bar dishes I thought were particularly delicious include:

  • Pierogi (dumplings) – A sort of pasta shell stuffed with meat, spices and vegetables.
  • Kotlet schabowy – A tenderised pork shnitzel dipped in egg and flour and coated in breadcrumbs. Served with – you guessed it – dill and scoops of creamy mashed potato.
  • Barszcz – Beetroot soup thickened with sour cream and served with hunks of bread
  • Kielbasa – Honky sausages served with fried onions and… DILL!
  • Placki ziemniaczane – Potato pancakes served with a rich beef goulash

My recommended bar mleczny (milk bars) in Krakow:

  • U Babci Maliny – 17 Ulica Slawkowska, Krakow
    My friend Matt told me about this magical little place. It’s totally hidden away in a grand old building and you would never know it was there. You’ll probably think you’re in the wrong building at first, but keep going through the corridors of this strange building (it’s a bit like an old hospital) until you see the little sign and steps down to the restaurant. Once inside, it’s fitted out to look like a country log cabin. We met some of the locals inside, who said that the food here is about as authentic as it gets – it’s cheap as hell, too!

8. Gain Some Perspective with a Trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Auschwitz Concentration Camp, PolandWe spent our last day in Poland wandering around Auschwitz in disbelief that such atrocities could have ever happened.

In a building in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, PolandAs well as putting the Holocaust fully into perspective, it also sheds light on WWII as a whole. A visit to Auschwitz will force you to consider how lucky we all are to live in the modern world, that we are free and safe.

It’s a significant and life-affirming experience.

Top Tip: Aushcwitz is located quite a way away from Krakow and can be quite a challenge to get to. I highly recommend taking this full tour of the Auschwitz Museum and Birkenau Camp in Oświęcim. It includes return travel from the city and a fully-guided tour of the concentration camp, gas chambers and prison blocks.

9. Drink Vodka at a Proper Polish Wodka Bar

Wodka Cafe Bar, Ulica Mikołajska 5, Krakow, PolandIt’s surprisingly difficult to find a vodka bar in Krakow. Eventually, however, we noticed a tiny little wodka bar called, well, Wódka. Inside we found groups of smiley people and a rather worn out looking barman.

Wodka Cafe Bar vodka selection tasting tray, Ulica Mikołajska 5, KrakowSqueeze yourself in and ask him to recommend you a variety of his favourites. He will create a sort of vodka smorgasbord for you, which is a great way to try different flavours – and it’ll warm you up, too!

Be sure to try a Zubrowska bison grass vodka with apple juice – a very refreshing Polish classic!

Wodka Tip: If you’re particularly interested in tasting and learning more about Polish vodka then you’ll love this fun vodka tasting tour, which includes a guided visit to 4 different wodka bars and 7 different types of vodka.

Lightweight vodka tip: If you’re not used to drinking shots of vodka then you may prefer this vodka, food and culture tour, which includes traditional food pairings to help keep you up straight.

10. Eat and Drink with the Local Hipsters in the Jewish Quarter

Restauracja Trezo, Miodowa 33, 31-052 KrakowKrakow’s coolest bars and restaurants are in Kazimierz (the Jewish Quarter). It’s vibrant and dynamic, perfect for drinks and/or a romantic meal.

For high-end Polish cuisine in an elegant setting, check out Trezo Restaurant. They serve traditional Polish cuisine with a modern twist. The service is impeccable, they have live music on most nights and the prices are still jaw-droppingly low. This was one of my favourite dining experiences in Krakow and I thoroughly recommend it.

Foodie tip: If food and culture’s your thing and you want to get better acquainted with the Jewish Quarter’s burgeoning food scene, check out this excellent 3.5-hour food tour that visits no less than 6 different local restaurants to discover 15 essential bites, as well as local craft beers and vodka.

Where to Stay in Krakow, Poland

Where to Stay in Krakow, Poland Apartment in the Jewish Quarter, PolandWe stayed in the heart of the ultra hip Jewish Quarter, right next to the restaurants and milk bars mentioned in this post. There were supermarkets, bakeries and pharmacies on the same street, which was handy.

Luxury hotels in Krakow: If you want to capitalise on Poland’s incredibly low prices, I suggest checking out the 4-star Andel’s Hotel or Puro Hotel, both of which are ideally situated right in the heart of Krakow’s city centre – prices are surprisingly affordable.

Mid-range/Budget hotels in Krakow: If you’re on a budget but still want to be in the city centre, have a look at Hotel Europejski or the fantastic Aparthotel Mały

You can also find plenty of accommodation recommendations in Krakow by clicking the image below. 

Best Hotels in Krakow Old Town


Or just search through the options using the search box below to benefit from’s “best price guarantee”.

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  1. Ela Ela

    Great post! I also recommend the Free Walking Tours you took :)

  2. Hey Ben. Nice job with the Krakow guide!

    You listed some of my favorite things, like eating breakfast in the Main Square (I like getting the so-called Viennese Breakfast at some of the long-standing institutions like Europejska) and the all time- fav U Babci Maliny. I told you in Twitter that my favorite thing about KRK is the theater scene – as a matter if fact, my favorite stage is right below the clock tower you mention. :)

    And Kazimierz hipsters – they were there when I was a teenager, except we called them ‘intelligentsia’ back then. Pre h-word…

    Oh, and thanks for using the term Central European to describe Krakow – finally someone got it right! :)

  3. David Cartledge David Cartledge

    Very interisting and informitive guide

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    • jadis jadis

      3 days minimum

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  7. Marian Marian

    Really informative. Going in March for a week and will definitely check out most of the places you suggest. No mention of the Salt Mines which a friend recommended but I’ll google reviews. Thanks so much for this.

  8. The square is indeed beautiful. We got sucked into riding a horse and carriage too, not because of any hawking, but just because of the majestic surroundings. Got the horse to take us to Kazimierz for some late night drinks, we felt like royalty for the first 30 seconds, then a sense of guilt as the horses hooves were rhythmically thumping on the cobbled stones. Then the guilt grew even more as the horse was navigating between the cars and trams. Oh well… Shouldn’t have been so clever so get the horse to act as a taxi and should have just settled for a quick ride around the square.

    Anyway a beautiful city and great big baguettes! We really lucked out with our apartment, right across from Wawel Castle, magnificent views and a really spacious apartment for an excellent rate, check it out here along with our other adventures in Kraków

  9. Nice photos and informative descriptions. This horse and carriage is wonderful, I can confirm as well. And that photo of placki ziemniaczane – they are so yummy :) KRK is just so great. One of the best places to be, not like some overrated cities. I was an expat student in KRK and totally fell in love with this place. People ask me how it’s possible that I’ve managed to learn Polish (communicative level). Nice experience.

    • Thanks Emily! Yes, I loved it a lot more than I imagined I would too. Saludos! Ben


    Thanks Ben. Travelling to Krakow for the first time. I an sure the information given by you will be helpful to me. Will definitely let you know our experience when we are back.

    • Excellent, thanks so much for your comment Prakash! Hope you have a wonderful trip! Ben :)

  11. Wow, what a fantastic post. Fabulous photos, too. Did you visit the underground museum on the old town square? I really enjoyed it, even though I almost never visit museums. Krakow is a fantastic destination for a city break. :)

    • Thank Pooja! I didn’t make it unfortunately, but I’ve heard great things so maybe next time! Thanks for the comment! Ben

  12. Niky Smith Niky Smith

    Love that you’ve included names of places to eat and drink and also their addresses !

    • Thanks Niky! Yes, for me it’s all about hunting out little places to eat (and drink!) so I basically aim to offer that in all of my guides. Happy travels/eating! Ben

  13. Ann Ann

    Your post is very interesting and I will definitely be visiting some of the places you mention.

    • Fantastic, thank you Ann! I’m sure you’ll love Krakow. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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    Great post! I hope to visit Krakow during my next trip to Poland and I will for sure use some of your recommendations! I have been to Poland only few times, and I have always stayed in Warsaw, because I have some friends there. I really like Warsaw, it is such an interesting and beautiful city ull of amazing places! One of my favourite spots in Warsaw is definitely a restaurant calle the Akademia. Polish food but in modern version – perfect and delicious combination. I can’t wait to visit Poland (and Krakow):)

  15. Daniel Conti Daniel Conti

    Thank You . Krakow must be HEAVEN : Everything I Love and Cherish in Life is in Krakow . However , PEOPLE are what LIFE is all about : October 6 , 2017 is my arrival day . I thank GOD every day for this spectacular Life !!! Perhaps GOD is sending me to Krakow for His Blessings of finding a Beutiful Bride . GOD BLESS KRAKOW !!! GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE !!!

  16. Karin Karin

    Thank you for a great post! I´m suprising my boyfriend with a trip to Krakow in January, will be sure to take all your tips with me :)

    • Thanks Karin! You guys will have an amazing time I’m sure! Enjoy! Ben

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    Hey Ben! Loved the article. Very informative. Will be making use of this to plan our trip. Cheers!

    • Thank you! So glad to have helped! Hope you have a great trip. Safe travels.


  18. alice baggs alice baggs

    Thanks for the review. I will be visiting Krakow in May – I was last there in 1978!! and remember much about the city and it’s amazing architecture.

    I am very excited to be going back again and to see how much this beautiful city has changed.
    One thing that definitely hasn’t changed – DILL!

    • Hey, thanks Alice! Fantastic that you’ll be returning after so long. I’m sure you’ll love it.

      And YES! Dill is certainly still everywhere haha!


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    Krakow stole my heart! My favorite experiences were taking a day trip to the stunning Tatra Mountains, exploring the underground tunnels of the Rynek Underground Museum, and watching the sunset over the Vistula River.

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    It’s beautiful! Krakow is beautiful and the historic streets and vibrant atmosphere in Old Town will transport you back in time. Krakow will enchant you from the moment you set foot within its historic streets. Its stunning architecture, with intricate churches and cobblestone squares transport you back in time.

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