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10 Reasons to Explore Barcelona with a Scooter from

Last updated on May 8, 2019

Fast, fun and beautifully cheap, you can see way more of Barcelona’s best sights and attractions when you’ve got Zivile and Jurgis from on your side.

Barcelona’s public transport system is great but there’s no denying that it’s way quicker and much more fun on two wheels.

I rented a scooter from Zivile and Jurgis at and spent a day zipping around Barcelona, stopping off at the various spots they kindly mapped out for me.

Here are a few reasons why I suggest you do the same:

1. Because it Makes You Feel Like This

best rent a scooter barcelona spain

2. Because the Scooters Are Seriously Easy and Fun to Ride

Antoni Gaudi's Famous Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona

I have a full motorcycle licence and have ridden some beasts in my time, but I had a ton of fun riding the Yamaha Tricity around Barcelona for the day.

With 125cc to play with, it has more than enough oomph, but not so much that it would be intimidating for inexperienced riders.

I became quite self conscious at one point because I noticed people staring at me. It was a proper, ‘Oh, Sh*%! Did I forget to put my trousers on again?!’ moment. But then I realised they were just fascinated by the bike’s peculiar three-wheel (two at the font, one at the back) setup.

Rent a scooter in Barcelona with

I pulled my helmet visor down over my eyes and felt like I was riding Judge Dredd’s lawmaster bike (Google it and you’ll see what I mean).

3. Because You Can See SO Much More in Way Less Time

Antoni Gaudi's Parc Güell - Famous snaking mosaic bench on the main terrace

Barcelona’s not a huge city, but it does take a bit of time to get to some of the attractions outside of the city centre.

I never normally go to Park Güell, for example, because it such a nightmare to get to. But on the scooter it was just a quick zip away.

In just one day I scooted my way to pretty much all of Barcelona’s best sights and attractions, including Las Ramblas, Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila and Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gracia, La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Barceloneta beach and Montjuic.

Not to mention everything I saw in between!

Tip: As Jurgis also suggested, if you’re going to visit any of Gaudi’s famous buildings, especially Sagrada Familia, be sure to get a ‘skip the line ticket’ so you don’t waste hours standing in line.

4. It’s Not Just About the Scooters

Tapas at Bar Delicious Near Park Guell in Barcelona

Zivile and Jurgis are totally in love with Barcelona and are passionate about helping their customers explore it properly. Jurgis sat down with me and a map and helped me plan what to see and do.

I’ve lived in Barcelona for years, but he still managed to find plenty of new spots for me to explore: rooftop bars, the best spots to watch Barcelona’s famous ‘Magic Fountain’, and the free entrance for Park Güell (you only have to pay to see a small part of it).

5. Help and Expert Advice is Only Ever a Whatsapp Message Away

I really can’t praise Zivile and Jurgis enough. They offer a personalised service for all of their customers and are always available on Whatsapp. It’s like having access to a luxury hotel concierge.

I was worried about making it back in time to return my scooter because I got carried away with my camera in Park Güell. I sent a Whatsapp to Zivile and she told me not to worry, that I could return the bike to Barceloneta (near the beach) where they live if I was late, at no extra charge.

It feels more like borrowing a scooter from your friends than renting from a company.

6. It’s Insanely Cheap

Antoni Gaudi's Parc Güell - Famous arches where live musicians play

Jurgis and Zivile’s scooters are available from just €25 a day, and you can park pretty much anywhere in Barcelona completely free of charge. That’s why everyone here has a scooter and not a car (it’s an absolute nightmare trying to park a car in Barcelona).

That’s basically only €10 per person per day if you’re scooting as a couple, which you could easily spend on metro cards and tickets for the various, buses, cable cars and funiculars to get up to Montjuic and Tibidabo. And then of course you’d be stuck on a bus/metro instead of whizzing through the city with the sun on your back and wind in your hair

7. It’s All About Flexibility

W Hotel Barceloneta Beach Barcelona

After just one day on the bike I wished I’d arranged to keep it for longer. The city opened up before me and suddenly everything felt within easy reach. Barcelona was my playground.

And as Jurgis explained, the beautiful little seaside village of Sitges is just a quick zoom down the coast.

If you feel the same, you can simply Whatsapp Zivile and Jurgis and tell them you’d like to keep the bike for a bit longer. No worries.

They will also deliver your scooter to your hotel/apartment if you prefer, and can also pick it up from your hotel.

8. It’s Surprisingly Easy and Relaxing

Chiringuito Barceloneta Beach Barcelona

I was a little bit nervous about riding around Barcelona. I normally cycle everywhere so I’m more familiar with the cycle lanes than the roads.

But it only took me a couple of minutes to get used to the bike and work out the roads.

Barceloneta Beach Barcelona

Much of Barcelona is a one-way grid system, which means you basically have little to do but ride in a straight line and make sure you stop at the traffic lights.

9. Because of Sunsets Like This

Sunsets over Barcelona from Poblesec

10. And Views Like This

Barcelona at Night

Make it Happen

Whether you’re coming to Barcelona for a weekend or a fortnight, I highly recommend renting a scooter from

Their prices are excellent and the service and advice provided by Zivile and Jurgis is absolutely fantastic. It’s like having friends in Barcelona to give you the inside scoop, which makes it much easier to feel connected to the city.

Visit to rent your scooter in Barcelona – prices start at €25

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Check out their Tripadvisor reviews to hear what everyone else has to say about Zivile and Jurgis.

All photos and video are from my day out on my rent a scooter in Barcelona. 

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