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10 Best Vermouth Bars in Barcelona | An Inside Guide

Last updated on May 8, 2019

From backstreet dives to beachfront beauties, here are my favourite places to drink vermouth in Barcelona.

Ben Holbrook's guide to vermouth sipping in Barcelona

There’s nothing more hip in Barcelona than sipping on vermouth and nibbling on tapas with your friends, or fer el vermut as the locals call it. It’s become a ritual, an essential part of life here in the Catalan capital.

La hora del vermut – the time for vermouth – starts around midday and is traditionally enjoyed as a pre-lunch aperitif, but in reality we sip on it at all hours. It’s seen quite a renaissance over the last couple of years and you can now order vermouth almost anywhere in the city.

The following bars, however, are what my friends and I consider to be the best vermouth bars in Barcelona. These are the places we love and visit most.

Vermouth Sipping Top Tips:

  • Don’t order Martini vermouth in Barcelona; that’s a big no-no (because not only is it mass-produced, but it’s also Italian).
  • Always order ‘vermut de la casa’ (house vermouth), and if they don’t have a house vermouth, order Vermut Yzaguirre, which is high quality and made nearby in Tarragona.
  • Order red vermouth (vermut rojo) or black vermouth (vermut negro) as they call it in Catalan, not white vermouth (vermut blanco).
  • Remove the ice and don’t use sifón (a sort of soda water that weakens the flavour).

1. Colibrí (Raval)

Colibri Bar Raval Calle de la Riera Alta, 33, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Nestled away on the cosmopolitan carnival that is Carrer Riera Alta, this gorgeous little bar is brought to life with vintage Martini posters, antique mirrors and chandeliers that look like they were salvaged from the Titanic. The culinary offerings are singularly Mediterranean, with an excellent selection of tapas and wines and an even more impressive selection of gin, vodka and, of course, vermouth. Just don’t dare ask for sangria – or any of these other cliches! 

Address: Carrer de la Riera Alta, 33, Raval
Metro: Sant Antoni (Purple Line)

2. Carmelitas Vermuteria (Raval)

Carmelitas Vermuteria Raval C/ Carme, 42 Barcelona

This stunning tapas bar/restaurant is housed in an old nuns’ convent in the ever-trendy cultural melting pot of the Raval. The urban chic styling reminds me of Shoreditch in East London but it also has a sort of Paris sophistication that I really like. But most importantly, of course, the vermut de la casa is exceptional – strong and sweet. And I recommend ordering a bowl of their hearty patas bravas to get the appetite going.

Address: Carrer del Dr. Dou, 1, Raval
Metro: Liceu (Green Line)

3. Gran Bodega Saltó (Poblesec)

Vermut drinking spot in Poblesec Barcelona

A regular haunt for a bohemian mix of heavily tattooed regulars and vermouth-sipping locals who come to tocar las palmas’ and dance to the live rumba rhythms. It’s situated at the top of the ultra-hip Carrer Blai, which is now one of the city’s hottest tapas/pincho bar hopping streets. Order vermouth and a bowl of olives before touring your way back down this vibrant street.

Address: Carrer Blesa (the top end of Carrer Blai), 36, Poblesec
Metro: Paral-lel (Green or Purple Line)

4. Bodega Armando (Raval)

Bodega Armando Raval Barcelona

The pungent smells of olives and old wood fill your senses as you step through the door and find Armandos beaming smile. The proudest bar owner in Raval, he dazzles with a waltz on light feet, prepping lavish lowballs of vermouth and slithers of fuet and cheese. Propped up at the bar with giant newspapers and bottomless bowls of juicy fat olives are his biggest fans: the good olboys with their slicked-back hair and herringbone jackets who spend their days and nights here. I suggest you do the same.

Address: Carrer Bisbe Laguarda 4, Raval
Metro: Sant Antoni (Purple Line)

5. La Confitería (Paral-lel / Raval)

La Confiteria Paralel Barcelona (Vermouth and Gin Tonics in Sant Antoni)

Just a few steps away from Paral-lel metro stop and within stumbling distance to the hipster-havens of Parlament street and Sant Antoni, this sweet shop turned cocktail bar is the perfect meeting spot.

Inside and out, the intricate carpentry, opulent chandeliers and gilded mirrors have remained untouched since it opened in 1912 and, in my humble opinion, it’s now one of the most beautiful bars in Barcelona. Read what else I had to say about it here.

Address: La Confitería, Carrer de Sant Pau, 128, Raval
Metro: Paral-lel (Green or Purple Line)

6. Bar Calders (Parlament Street, Sant Antoni)

Bar Calders Parlament Street Barcelona Sant Antoni

This is where I like to go on my bike when the sun’s shining. There’s a cycle track that takes you straight there and a little place where you can lock your bike right next to the bar. Go with a friend or go alone and sit in the shade of the trees. Sip on a few glasses of the good stuff. Read a book. Eavesdrop. Shoot the breeze.

Address: Carrer del Parlament, 25, Sant Antoni
Metro: Poble Sec (Green Line)

 7. Jai-ca (Barceloneta – Near the Beach)

Jai-ca Bar Barceloneta tapas restaurant

Noisy, brash and with service that leaves a lot to be desired, it’s sometimes difficult to see why Jai-ca bar is one of the most popular tapas bars in Barceloneta. But then you taste the thick wedges of tortilla and lemon-drizzled calamaris and it all makes sense. Puff out your chest, shout your order over the bar and elbow your way to a table out front.

Address: Carrer de Ginebra, 13,  Barceloneta
Metro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line)

8. Bodega Ca’l Pep (Gracia)

Cal Pap Bodega Carrer Verdi Barcelona

Arguably the most authentic bodega bar in Barcleona, Ca’l Pep hasn’t changed for the best part of a century. It’s packed with dusty old wine barrels and age-stained posters and more often than not it’s overflowing with boozed up old-timers who appear to be spending their retirements here with their friends, talking about the good ol’ days. And they’ll be glad to tell you all about it too, if you’ll let them.

Address: Carrer Verdi, 141, Gracia
Metro: Lesseps (Green Line)

9. La Vermutería del Tano (Gracia)

At the bar in Barcelona's best Vermouth bar: La Vermuteria del Tano Gracia Barcelona

Warm and familiar, with a mix of sun-soaked locals propped up at the bar and groups of friends sitting at heavy marble and iron tables. Antique clocks and wooden wine barrels grace the walls and vintage posters hang where they have hung since they were new. Everyone seems to know each other, shaking hands and adding to the jovial soundtrack with crescendos of “Hola guapo, que tal?!” and “Adeu! Fins demà!” And the vermouth de la casa is excellent. See what else I had to say about it here.

Address: Carrer Joan Blanques, 17, Gracia
Metro: Joanic (Yellow Line)

10. Bormuth (El Borne)

Bormuth El Borne Barcelona

Overlooking the glorious Mercat del Born and surrounded by an enviable array of restaurants, cafes, burger joints, fashion boutiques and cocktail bars, Bormuth (Borne + Vermouth = Bormuth) epitomises the old-meets-new elegance that attracts Barcelona’s beautiful people to this trendy barrio in their droves. Sip on vermouth, people watch and nibble on a selection of delicious tapas dishes (I love the huevos estrellados). This is what la hora del vermut is all about.

Address: Plaça Comercial, 1, El Borne
Metro: Jaume I (Yellow Line)

More Excellent Vermouth Bars in Barcelona

  • Bar Leo (Carrer de Sant Carles, 34, Barceloneta – Metro Barceloneta)
  • Vermut i a la Gàbia (Placa d’Osca, 7, Sants – Metro Placa de Sants)
  • Federal Cafe (Carrer Parlament, 39, Sant Antoni – Metro Paral·lel or Universitat)
  • Casa Mariol (Carrer Rosselló, 442, Sagrada Familia – Metro Sagrada Familia)
  • Bodega Cala del Vermut (Carrer de les Magdalenes, 6, Gotico – Metro Urquinaona or Jaume I)
  • Bar Seco (Pg. de Montjuïc, 74, Poble-sec – Metro Paral·lel)
  • Bar Electricitat (Carrer de Sant Carles, 15, Barceloneta – Metro Barceloneta)
  • La Pepita (Carrer de Còrsega, 343, Gracia/Eixample – Metro Diagonal)
  • Morro Fi (Carrer del Consell de Cent, 171, Sant Antoni – Metro Urgell)

Do you know or run another great vermouth sipping bar in Barcelona? Let me know about it by leaving a comment below and I’ll check it out!

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  1. Raval and Gracia are really the two best areas of Barcelona (if you ask me).

    It’s not just the collection of great bars to be found that make it so brilliant, but also how local both areas still feel even though the city is so overrun with tourists throughout the year.

    If anyone reading likes to enjoy a drink whilst doing some extensive people watching, then be sure to check both neighbourhoods out.

    • Gracias Dale! I’d have to agree. Oh, and look at the time! Es l’ahora! Ben ;)

  2. Great post! I’m so happy I stumbled across this. I’m currently home based in Barca and I’ve been looking for a great list and this one is a good one. Thanks!

    • Glad to hear it! Thanks so much Valerie. Saludos! :)

  3. Narry Borman Narry Borman

    Go to Senyor Vermut near Hospital Clinic! Best vermouth bar in BCN by a Catalunyan mile. Great food – chorizo and cheese croquettes, for example – and a full-on range of vermouths mainly from Reus.

    • Excellent, thanks for letting me know Narry! Salud!

  4. A suggestion would be Casa Martino Vermuteria Taperia. House vermouth available on tap (Reserva quality). Great assortment of Tapas and Casseroles, all very original and tasty. Quality of product and presentation is outstanding and singular.
    Reservation accepted for lunch and dinner. Nice terrace.
    c/ Manso,1
    12:00-15:00 / 19:00- 23:00
    Closed Sunday afternoon and all day Monday

    Eagerly awainting your visit.

  5. Ozge Ozge

    Hi there! A suggestion for vermuteria. I’ve tried the vermouth at El Chigre. Can’t say the best vermouth in Barcelona since I have just visited this one, I couldn’t go anywhere else for vermouth. They have really really good vermouth with lots of flavours and smoothness. Delicious food also. Cheers.

  6. […]  I found the bars mentioned here by accident, via luck and minimal research. Though I highly recommend them, the purpose of the article isn’t recommendations but more of a story. For recommendations to a variety of great Barcelona vermut spots, click here. […]

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